Affiliation Fees

Bowls QLD and Bowls Australia affiliation fees have now been approved by the BQ Council and are effective for the period 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021.

Bowls Queensland
Full Members including Club Life Members: $46.20 which includes a Bowls Australia fee of $17
Junior Members: $30.00

Please note – a Bowls QLD admin fee of $12.50 is applicable to all new and interstate transfer Members as per BQ By-law 8.1 (this does not apply to Junior Members).

NQDLBA Affiliation Fee for 2021 is $18 per Member.

Pro rata amounts as follows:
January-March $18
April-June $13.50
July-September $9.00
October-December $4.50

NQDLBA does not invoice Juniors or Life Members of NQDLBA.