NQ Patron

A message from Patron Wilma Berryman..

The North Queensland District Ladies Bowls Association was formed in 1936 and is still carrying on in 2020 and looking forward to the future.
My association with NQDLBA began in 1966 while I was President of the Richmond Ladies Bowling Club. I travelled to Townsville to be part of an NQ function at Queens Hotel. I can’t recall the reason for the dinner, but expect it was a President’s dinner.
I have known all the Presidents from Gladys Buntain (third President) down to todays President Gwen Thomas. In all there’s been 25. The Executives have always been highly respected and the Clubs look forward to the annual visit which is special. The Executives used to be referred to as the ‘Red Coats’ but these days the ‘Green Bands’ (as hats are no longer considered part of the uniform). I wonder what the future Executives will be (jovial) called!
I have found, as President of NQ, our care and concern are for all Clubs – your own Club takes a back seat, because NO Club is more important than another – whether you’re the smallest or the largest – NQ respects you all.
One of the highlights of my bowling career, was that I was chosen to play in the inaugural competition, now known as the Women’s Northern Challenge, which was played at Atherton in 1974 under the leadership of President Minnie Hartwill.
It’s sad to see the decline in membership (bowls is not the only game affected and most clubs are in the same boat). In my term of office we had just over 1,100 members with the number presently just under 400, however the quality of the bowlers is still present.
When we return to play, after this epidemic, we may see an increase in numbers. People might want to go outdoors more and enjoy the camaraderie that we do.
I had a friend (Alice McCane from Wangeratta Club) who once said to me – quote – “One day you’ll be President of NQ”. At that time nothing was further from my mind – however – how right she was.
I have to say I’ve enjoyed all these years, being associated with NQDLBA and the Ladies I mix with and I want to say how proud & humble I feel about that – being a Life Member & Patron of the Association.
I just love greeting and talking to every bowler and I listen to their concerns ..when!!! we get back to bowls. Enjoy the balance of the year – keep well and keep safe.

Wilma A Berryman
March 2020